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Construction Management


Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction is part of AD5 company´s DNA. Our full name is, in fact, AD5 Green Integral Solutions. One of our main areas is “Architecture and Energy”. It is plain to see that our mission statement is not just about posing but it happens to be one of our main[…]

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Construction Management

How to explain this service in a few words? It is a complex service that embraces and permeates all our work as a company. It is involved in all stages of our job that a work may need. How to explain? We believe that we may as well focus on[…]

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Residential architecture

One of the areas we like most working on is Residential Architecture. It is a rewarding job to shape the desires and dreams of a family or person according to their home concept and vision. It is a delicate and sensitive job. It is, in fact, a job to take[…]

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Energy Rehabilitation

European Directive 2010/31 / EU on the energy efficiency of buildings sets a goal that no later than December 31 2020, all new private buildings have an almost null energy consumption. This ambitious goal that the European Union, as a whole, sets is particularly important for Spain for many reasons.[…]

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AD5 Project Management Arquitectura y Construcción

Benefits of hiring our Construction Management Service

Our Construction Management methodology will safeguard your interests and surely keep an close eye on your project which would lead to everything providing a “reasonable work development timeline”!

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Joaquín Huelva: Architect

Construction management, sustainable architecture and integral consultant

José María Gallego: Architect

Construction management, execution and budget manager

Pablo Hierro: Architect

Architecture, Energy use and Projects Development manager

José Luis Rodicio: Technical Architect

Quality control management and Project Management Coordinator

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