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Benefits of hiring our Construction Management Service

AD5 Project Management Arquitectura y Construcción

Our Construction Management methodology will safeguard your interests and surely keep an close eye on your project which would lead to everything providing a “reasonable work development timeline”!

If we had to sum up the main benefits that our service Construction Management can offer, we would underline the following ones:

Participation and transparency

Whether you need us to be a part of your decision-making team or provide consulting services independently, we can work with you based on your specific needs. Our experience in lab design and technical facility construction make us qualified enough to help you in every step of the way, above all, supervising all the contracting companies. Our job is to focus on what must be built and on whom we work for.


We do not charge overhead costs and industrial profit as any other general contractor to the client, we just make the work development sustainable by managing the budget and execution timeline properly. We consequently get paid by our knowledge and hands-on experience.


When you choose to go with AD5 team, you’re putting a knowledgeable professional on your side with a check and balance system to make sure that all change orders are reasonable.


When you dive into a construction project without a construction manager, you’re relying on the word of the general contractor and because money is going to be a big factor in your construction project, there’s a possibility that your relationship with the general contractor can become contentious. When hiring our service, we are the ones to manage the hiring process and to follow up the client payments to suppliers and different contracting companies  in a search for legal and tax protection.

What are the main opinions whether it be of traditional building model or of AD5 model ?


1.- We get started on a closed budget

Traditional: We get started on a closed budget


2.- We had the item cost detail report

Traditional: We never had the item cost detail report
3.- We had the lump sum with items priced in detail of a work

Traditional: We were never told of the breakdown of the items
4.- We could see all suppliers´deals included in the budget

Traditional: We did not know the deals from work suppliers
5.- We could know the purchasing lots in detail (brick, concrete ..)

Traditional: We were not informed about purchasing lots
6.- We had the budget indirect costs in detail (cranes,cabins..)

Traditional: The budget document did not show indirect costs
7.- They minimize overhead costs and obtain no industrial benefit

Traditional: No information about overhead cost or industrial benefit
8.- I was only charged for contruction management. Industrial benefit as well as overhead costs had meant overcharge.

Traditional: We had no idea what industrial benefit or overhead costs we were overcharged for. We, in fact, experienced continuous attempts to reduce costs for the sake of increasing benefit.
9.- We received the savings made on the purchase

Traditional: We do not know if the construction company made savings through the work execution,
10.- We made contracts directly wth suppliers and paid them. AD5 only ensured payments terms and safeguarded our interests.

Traditional: We paid the general contractor and subcontractors were paid directly by the general contractor, as appropriate, and that was all we  knew!


¿ Did you know what you were charged for in the building work ?

11.- Sure. For construction management fees, its technical job.

Traditional: Not at all. We guess they will make as much profit as possible and from every item.


What happened when a project deviation or a change during the work execution took place ?

12.- AD5 asked for budgets from its suppliers and others we suggested, and we made the right decision thanks to its consultancy.

Traditional: We paid a higher price, than expected, for  the deviation but we had to accept it to continue.

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